Monday, July 21, 2008

The Bones

All of my shrubs are in the ground ready to be joined with the perennial plantings next spring.

In this corner I have a purple weigela, pink diamond hydrangea and a dwarf mugho pine. There is also a poorly little fireworks clematis in the corner. To the bottom left there will be a climbing rose on an arbor that is being built as we speak. The little bit of green between the weigela and hydrangea is a bunch of flowering onions but I don't know if they are staying there.

Here I have another mugho pine and a tiny bleeding heart.

My pink lilac that sprouted one purple flower this year. Also have iris and gayfeather here but probably not it's permanent home.

A blue point juniper and some orange lilies...oh and a ton of weeds. To the bottom of this pic is a gold star potentilla.

Not shown in the photos is the rose bed against the house. It is really weedy and the 3 explorer roses are looking small and pathetic. I'm pretty sure I'm going to switch them out for rugosas as the rugosa robusta is doing really well.

Here's a pic of a rugosa robusta flower;

That's it. In the fall I'll slip in some bulbs and in the spring all the lovely perennials!

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