Friday, July 25, 2008

Planning the Master Bedroom

It seems wrong to call it the "master" bedroom as it's only a 10x11' room. But it's our room and we are the MASTERS of this house...yeah!

Anyway, we redecorated when we moved in because just like every other room in this house, it was disgusting.

Nice bed eh? It was a sheet of plywood with a futon on top. The previous owner liked to do things cheap. We do things cheaply too but in a much nicer fashion. Can you see the tea kettle hanging plant holder in the corner? Yup pretty interesting...

We ripped out the shag carpet that was loaded with sand, repainted the nicotine stained walls and replaced the hanging light bulb. I'm still not happy with it. The paint we chose looked nothing like what I had picked. It's too dark for the room and no longer goes with my cottagey plan.

I've been missing the purple apartment that we lived in back in 99 so this winter hopefully we will be redoing this room in a light lilac (bluey purple) colour.

I'm having trouble finding bedding. This is the only one I like but I can only find U.K retailers for it.

I know it's not cottagey, I admit to having trouble letting go of my contemporary style. I figure some bead board and Toile de Jouy wallpaper will take care of that.

The hardwood needs refinishing and I'm still debating what to do with my bed. We have this godawful oak bed that is way to big for the room. I may agree to keep it if Limey can sand it and paint it cream. Oh and if it'll fit better without the foot board. Otherwise I'll be buying a plain metal frame and making a padded headboard.

After that some small cream folding tables with pretty trays and flowers will complete my vision...maybe a chandelier.

Hopefully I won't change my mind again!

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