Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bathroom in Progress

After the Home Depot fiasco we had the most lovely, low stress shopping experience ever at Home Hardware. Not only was the customer service amazing but everything cost less as well.

The reno is taking a lot longer than expected. The bathroom had to be completely gutted and all the plumbing and wiring replaced. This annoys me because we went with bleh flooring because the flooring we really wanted was special order and we needed flooring a.s.a.p. Limey though the flooring would be installed by Sunday night but at this rate it won't be in until September. I could have had my second choice (first choice was not logical) instead of what we ended up with.

Whatever, Limey likes it and it may work with my plan. If not we can always replace some day.

Here's my inspiration for the bathroom design.

I found it several years ago at Home Sense. It was $10, I thought, what the heck and brought it home hoping someday I would get around to renovating the bathroom.

We will be putting up floor to ceiling beadboard. I'm trying for an all white look with some nature inspired accents (green/brown).

Limey is building the vanity out of our old bed frame. Should be interesting. I'm crossing my fingers that the bathroom will be finished soon. I'm starting to smell!

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