Friday, August 22, 2008

Home Depot or Home Crappot

I'm never shopping there again.

We've had numerous horrible experiences at Home Depot. Limey spent 3 hours once waiting for a lumber order that was promised to be assembled by several different people including the manager and they still didn't start it.

Still we kept going back because it's has a better selection and despite never being able to find anyone to help it's still more convenient.

But no more!

I actually had to take a moment in the middle of Crappot to pull myself together.

We are trying to renovate our bathroom.

This is how it looks normally. Lots of pink vinyl on the walls, a plank screwed in all across one side to hide the joints between two pieces of drywall because someone was too lazy to do the job properly. Pink everything, vinyl all over the walls, extreme amounts of silicone caulking everywhere. It's depressing.

So the other day out of the blue Limey says "Let's reno the bathroom this weekend!". Stupidly I agree. He started demo Wednesday night in anticipation of a Thursday shopping spree and a weekend reno.

I had already been keeping a list of my reno plan for some time now so we took the list to Home Depot on Wednesday (prior to demo) so we could plan the purchase.

My design is planned entirely around beadboard walls. They had a beadboard display with prices. We fell in love with this amazing chocolate brown flooring. Everything was great.

Last night (our 9th anniversary) we went to Home Depot prepared to buy. It took forever to find anyone to order the floor only to find out it's not appropriate for the bathroom (despite everything I read on the net, my bad). Depressing but whatever, we found a different one that was almost as great. Placed the order. Picked up the paint. On to the beadboard.

This is where my mini meltdown occurred. While I went to find someone to grab me a tub (couldn't find anyone) Limey set about searching for someone to get us some beadboard.

Despite advertising it for sale, apparently Home Depot has lost it's supplier for beadboard and no longer has any in stock. My entire plan fell apart. The flooring that I ordered, the paint I picked out, everything revolved around the beadboard. I begged my husband (who enjoys lying) to tell me the truth.

The truth is Home Depot sucks!

After I regrouped, I said fuck it lets just get everything else and maybe we can find it elsewhere. We finally found someone to get the other stuff (tub, tub surround etc) together for a delivery order.

We went to the saleswoman's desk where she processed the order. Izzy took this moment to start sucking on Limey's shirt so I took her out to the car to feed her. I figured it was pretty dead in there so checkout would be quick.

20 minutes later, I went back into the store to see what the hell was going on. Limey is standing there at the checkout looking completely baffled. When they tried to put the order through the till the computer came up with an error. Nobody knew what the error meant and nobody cared.

We had to go pick up my daughter who was being looked after by a friend so Limey told them he'd drop us off at home and go back for the order, hoping they'd figure it out by then. That was after 2.5 hours.

When we got to the car, I told him to cancel the entire thing. When we arrived home he tried calling the Crappot to cancel but none of their lines were answering. So back he went to complain and cancel.

What did the customer service lady say when he complained about the horrible service (today and in the past) and request to cancel?


No apologies, no attempt to keep our money, nothing.

How the hell is Crappot still in business?

Now as we figure out what to do (very little choice in this small town), my bathroom looks like this;

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