Friday, September 5, 2008

Concrete Choices

While we are waiting for the sink to arrive, the decisions about the counter top need to be made.

Limey and his friend will be pouring a concrete counter top. I'm trying to match the colour of the concrete to the colour of my mirror. Originally I wanted a dark grey stone look but at this point I don't want to add another colour to the room.

Here's the mirror.

It's kind of a silvery/bronze colour.

Here's sample A.

It's not the right colour at all. It shows a non-glossy finish and it's been ground down a bit to reveal the "stone".

And sample B.

This is actually pretty close to the mirror but it has a red tone to it that doesn't work at all. It has a glossy finish which I absolutely love but I don't think is appropriate for the room. Am I wrong?

If we wanted to get really fancy they could embed something green in the concrete (jade!) and throw in some fiber optics to make it glow but that might be overkill.

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