Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christmas in the Bathroom

I can't stop myself. There were pine cones leftover from the wreath so I wired them together for a garland to put around the bathroom mirror. Which of course led me to decorating the bathroom.

I put the pine cone wreath on the bathroom door but I'm going to switch out the red and gold bows for blue/red and silver ones. In fact I think I'm going to switch out any gold decor I have in favour of silver.

My camera casing is falling apart but it's taking pictures now. It's really hard to get a sharp shot though. Maybe Santa will win the lottery and buy me a Nikon SLR camera for Christmas.


  1. What fun, that you are already getting into the holiday spirit! I have quite a few cute Christmas decorations, but I know if I put them out, my cats would quickly UNdecorate for me. Anyway - I'm enjoying your decorating progress! And I LOVE the sink in your bathroom!

  2. I got on to say I love that sink, figuring that someone else had probably notice that, too. Nice work decorating, too. That's something I don't get to until later in the season.

  3. I love the simplicity of your bathroom! The garland looks great!

  4. The sink is definitely a stand out feature and was a steal at $50.

    The garland turned out so well and only took a couple of minutes to wire it together. I wish I had more pine cones to string around the house.