Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sewing gifts for daughter #1.

My toddler's Christmas gift this year is a tickle trunk full of costumes. I started sewing this weekend and I'm almost done.

I apologize in advance for the photo quality. Between a broken camera and trying to take photos without the kids seeing, the items pictured don't look as good as in person. You'll just have to take my word that they are awesome!

Anyway, here's what I've made so far and links to tutorials where applicable.

Apron. No link here, I just made it up. This is made from a Strawberry Shortcake pillowcase I bought at the thrift shop for $2.

No sew tutu. For this one I had to buy tulle. It was $2.50 a yard and I bought two yards. My daughter picked out the colours. I ended up having to use some black tulle I had leftover from Halloween to fill it in a bit.

Wizard's cloak. I had all the materials on hand from previous projects. I used the pattern from the site linked and then added a liner of contrasting fabric to give a little bulk and to avoid hemming all the edges.

Superhero cape. Same link but without the hood. Again, made using materials I already had.

Fairy wings. Okay I didn't actually make these. You could if you wanted with a pair of panty hose and some wire but I found these for a buck at the thrift shop so I grabbed them. I did embellish them because they were so plain. I added the gems, glitter glue, butterflies and crowns. The butterflies and crowns I picked up at Dollarama.

Toddler pants. Nothing special here, just some pj type pants. Made them from some very large men's t-shirts that I picked up from the thrift shop.

I still have to make a superhero mask and wands for the wizard and fairy costumes. I might make some Christmas pj's if I can scrounge up some fabric from my stash. In addition to these costumes I also picked up various costume hats (pirate, firewoman etc) from the good old thrift shop to go in the tickle trunk.

Now if Limey could clear his schedule and get the trunk refinished this present will be complete!

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