Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And so it begins.

It seems crazy to be thinking about spring when there's about 10 feet of snow piled on my lawn. We've received an insane amount of snow so far this winter and our snowiest months are still ahead!

Regardless, here's my flower order from Vesey's;


Prado Red Shades Sunflower
Firecracker Sunflower
Double Mix Poppy
Bolero Marigold
Matucana Sweet Peas
Flambe Terracotta Pansy
Primadonna Deep Rose Echinacea
Lavatera Beauty Mix
Strawberries Cream Bellis
Star of Yelta Morning Glory
Frosted Flames Snapdragon
Carmine Rose Butterfly Flower
Apricot Sprite Sweet Peas
Creme de Cassis Hollyhock
Black Ball Bachelor's Buttons
Veseys 'Evening Glow' Impatiens Mix


Gladiolus Mix (36 bulbs)
Asiatic Lily 'Monte Negro' (6 bulbs)
Aquilegia 'Black Barlow' package of 4 plants
Pea Inoculant

I can get the veg seeds from the OSC catalog locally so I won't be placing an order there.

Now I just need to get some grow op set up.


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