Saturday, July 24, 2010

On Our Way

By some miracle, after 7 weeks of riding an emotional rollercoaster with 2 failed buyers, we had a last minute offer on the house just as we were taking it off the market.

10 days later, our sale closed and we left Rose Cottage for the last time.

Day 1 of our 4 day road trip was reasonably uneventful.  We spent last night in a KOA campground after Limey put a nail through our air mattress.  The cabin was lovely though overpriced.  The wireless internet didn't exist according to my laptop and the regular train horns that seemed to be passing by our window kept waking us up all night.

We hit the road running at 10am and by 10:45 we had stopped for several washroom breaks and cleaned up the one and only barf session of the day.  After that things went smoothly despite the fact that we were reduced to half the speed limit during several hours of heavy fog.

We ended our first leg of the journey around 9:00pm and are hoping for an early start tomorrow.

Here's some pictures of day 1.

KOA Cabin

Happy Passengers!

Looking For Adventure      

A biiiiig cliff.

"There's something in the fog!"

Not quite beach weather.

We'll miss the Great Lakes.

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