Monday, August 16, 2010

Annapolis Valley Exhibition

We'd gone to a couple of farm events back in Ontario but none of them were as awesome as this one and it's only day 1!

Here's a bunch of photos from the event.  We didn't stay long because I've been contracting since 3 am and I needed a bit of a rest.  Hopefully we can get back there tonight.

Some of the cows were absolutely massive.  Limey no longer wants one.

We definitely want dairy goats! Gorgeous!

A Saanen/Nubian cross.

Absolutely massive Buff Orpingtons
More giant chickens.  This time two Australorps

Kids in the wild.
La Manchas


  1. Sweet heart, it is a week long. It starts on a monday and ends saturday night. Just thought you might want to know for this year!

  2. LOL, We are aware that it lasts a week... When Limette said it's only day 1, she meant that this was the 1st day of the ex! Thankfully, our son held off on being born long enough for us to fully enjoy the whole week! And boy did we ever learn a lot while we were there!