Monday, August 2, 2010

Blue Jays

A blue jay in the yard was a very rare occasion at the old house.  Not so here.  The previous owners left up all their bird feeders and the most frequent visitor is the jay.  There are often groups of five or more squabbling over the seed.

In other news, Limey has just started on painting the living room. There was a ton of patching up to do in there. It must have been really drafty in the winter with all those gaps he filled.

We had a momentary freak out when he started painting the edges of the ceiling. It contrast to the standard white of the previous paint job, the new white looked very pink. He finished the ceiling, did a sample patch of the blue and now the white looks white again. I definitely did not want a pink ceiling!

I've been completely useless these days. My pregnancy SPD has me pretty much stuck in a seated position all day long.  So I've just been researching our farm plans for next year and shouting out orders. We're really looking forward to getting animals. We'll likely start with chickens and rabbits and see how it goes from there.  There was an ad in Kijiji the other day for newly hatched muscovies. I came very close to emailing for them.  I can't wait!

Limey thanked me the other day for "making us move". I've been dreaming about moving to the country and homesteading for a couple of years now and he has always been dead set against it. Certain events in the past year made him change his tune and now that we're here he's the most content I've ever seen him. His only complaint is that none of his friends are here to share it with.

Somebody come visit!

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  1. If our business ends up taking off we may very well move out that way! We debated it when we sold our condo 2 years ago but chickened out. It's a dream of ours to be out there too!