Friday, August 6, 2010


If there's one thing I hate it's carpet.  I can deal with area rugs but wall to wall carpet makes me cringe.

When we moved into Rose Cottage five years ago, the living room was covered in shag carpet.  I have allergies and the previous owner was a smoker so the carpet was the first thing to go.  Underneath that carpet?  A bucket full of dirt.  Because no matter how much you vacuum and shampoo your carpet, dirt falls underneath where no vacuum can touch.

It's disgusting.  Even with area rugs, you have to roll them up regularly and sweep up the mess underneath.

I've been complaining about the carpet in the dining room since we moved in to the "Green House" as DD1 calls it.  It's a thick pile and feels greasy underfoot.  Hate it.  So Limey decided to rip a section up to see what was underneath.  What did he find, you ask?

Who doesn't love to rip up carpet?

Yes, boys and girls, that is carpet underneath the carpet and then parquet. The really gross part? The second carpet is damp and when he started pulling up around the baseboards, the bugs living there were pretty gross too.

Wall to wall carpet should be illegal.  There I said it.  To prison with all you carpet layers!

Limey wants me to be post a full pic of the dining room before he tears all the carpet up.  Here it is.

Plush carpet in a dining room, really?

Try not to look at the glimpse of the living room in the above picture. I'll take a finished living room photo tomorrow when the lighting is better.  Evening shots are always yellowy for me.

See the underlay in this shot?  I remember scraping that stuff off a floor (who's?) as a kid.  It makes you all itchy.  Guhrooooohsss.

So my job for the evening?  Googling how to refinish parquet...

Edit*  Ha!  It's not even parquet!  It's peel and stick tile!  I guess we'll be replacing the floor soon.  But first we have to level it.  Hopefully Limey bought a winning lottery ticket tonight.


  1. Shame its peel n stick tiles, you could always clean them and wait for the dosh to floor board it or something the tiles look nice.
    Know what you mean about carpet though, so nasty ughhh.

  2. Great job Limey and Limette!!! you two have the more guts and go-get-em than anyone I know... I think you will go off the grid and write for magazines.. ( check out posting articles for Mother Earth News Magazine. google it) I bet they would accept articles from you!!