Saturday, August 14, 2010

Paint Colour Surprises

Do the charts ever match what goes on the wall?

Here's the colour we picked for the dining room. Trying to go more grey.

CIL Cloud Motif

When we had it mixed it looked really white and I was concerned that we'd be taking it back to get a little more colour added.

I had Limey paint a patch on the wall so we could see how it looked.

It's a lot darker than expected and from where I'm sitting almost looks purple. This is annoying because the exact same thing happened with our previous dining room. We matched the blue to the blue venetian plaster in the kitchen and it turned out lavender on the walls.

The thing is, I can't be bothered to take it back.  I'll just try again on another room!  I'm thinking Benjamin Moore's Pigeon Grey for the front foyer.

Julianne Moore's Apartment

What do you think?

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