Sunday, August 1, 2010

Reno #1 Living Room

I had all sorts of grand plans for a shabby chic/cottage type living room this go around, slipcovers, white painted furniture, all that jazz.  Then I made the mistake of putting our old furniture into the new living room.  I actually quite like the way it looks.  We'll see how I feel when the walls are blue.

As much as I loved our chocolate walls, I want to go lighter in this room so I picked out a nice greyish blue.
CIL brand; Blue Veil.  It's a bit greyer in life.
One half of each french door is screwed to the floor.  These doors open to the dining room
More french doors and another window.  These doors open to the foyer. 

We are starting with this room first because it requires the least amount of work and we'll have that immediate satisfaction of having an entire room completed.  The walls are plaster and it has the original wood trim.  Limey has lots of sanding and patching to do in this room as you can see from the photo but essentially that's the entire reno part of the job; sanding, patching and painting.

There are lots of gaps in the trim and walls.

Scrape, scrape, sand.

The only other thing that needs to be changed in here is the light fixture.  The ceiling fan is coming out and this is going in;

With the exception of the sunroom, all of the main floor windows have been switched out to double glazed vinyl (purists are cringing everywhere). Not entirely impressed with the orangey laminate flooring in this room.  It would have been nice if whoever installed it had taken the time to fix the dip towards the foyer first but I can live with it.

As for decor, I'm still not sure where to go with it at this time.  New cushion covers are wanted and Limey will probably build a floor to ceiling shelf unit for our books on the foyer wall, surrounding the french door.  After that some end tables, a coffee table and artwork should finish things off nicely.

I may or may not make some shades for the windows, following this awesome tutorial for making them out of old mini blinds, but that's a decision for another day.



  2. Funny... I have that EXACT light fixture. It's in my entryway. :)

  3. Except mine is much dustier. lol.