Thursday, September 30, 2010

How I Met Your Goats

To continue with the tv character names, we have;




I love goats.  They are sweet, lovable and playful.  They are also very curious and a little naughty.

After Limey dropped them off this afternoon, he left for the hardware store to pick up some wood for their housing.  The kids and I played with them for a bit and then went into the house for a quick bite to eat.  I was a little worried because Limey had left the duck house next to the fence.  Sure enough, 5 minutes later, I'm staring out the kitchen window to see Lily and Robin standing on the duck house and staring into the chicken yard.  I ran out in time to see them jump into the chicken run to eat the chicken feed.  The hens were not impressed and had scattered around the yard, clucking loudly at the intruders. 

Meanwhile, Barney is standing next to the duck house bleating loudly about being abandoned by his girlfriends.  Robin was easy to get back to her paddock because she had a collar on but Lily didn't have one.  Limey was just pulling in to the driveway as I was trying to drag Lily out of the chicken run by her neck.  She did not want to give up that food!  Once out of the run it wasn't too hard to get her out the gate but in the main yard it was a different story.  Goats are very nosy and Lily was ignoring my attempts to push her back into her own yard.  Limey thought this was all very amusing and just stood and laughed at the spectacle.  I finally managed to lure her with a bucket of feed.   After I moved the duck house, there were no further attempts at jumping the fence.  The ducks however, continue to come and go as they please.

Just another day at the farm.


  1. I'm am truly happy they have found a wonderful home like yours it's exactly what I would have wanted for them and they look like they have adjusted should I say a bit to well LOL...Enjoy!! Thank You for giving me the Blog info so I can keep tabs on them ....Any questions please feel free to contact me anytime!Enjoy!! .........Tina

  2. Thank you Tina for such beautiful animals! They are so affectionate and fit in perfectly to our loving little farm! I built them a nice big 4' x 8' shed to sleep in at night. I only made it 4' high though and put a box at the side so that they can climb on the roof. Now, one of our favourite past-times is going to sit on the roof with the goats! they all huddle up around you and nibble at your ears, hair and neck... gives you a true feeling of happiness!

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