Monday, September 6, 2010

A Little Manual Labor

Limey deserves a little pat on the back for digging all the post holes for our paddock fence by hand. He initially rented a post hole digger, but it didn't work very well so he went back to using a shovel.

The first day was hard but after Earl passed through, the wet ground made digging a lot easier and the job was soon finished.

Today he'll be putting up the wire for the fence and hopefully starting on the coop.

Now I need to find us some chickens!


  1. I can see the chickens and goats running around already!

  2. They look some good sized posts- couldnt quite make out what you are putting it both chickens and goats?

    Thats a good days work hand digging those post holes and ramming the soil back up, so well done to the labourer...

  3. Chickens on one side, goats on the other. We are going to add more paddocks to rotate the goats through.