Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another Triple

This has got to be another triple yolk.

I'd love to know who the unlucky chicken is.


  1. Nice looking eggs:) We've never had a triple only doubles but have had some massive really is hard to believe that they were laid by those dear little hens.LOL
    One of the hens from the batch that I incubated laid an egg today! Finally!Have yours started laying yet? It seemed to take forever!LOL

  2. Two of them for sure are laying. Lemon got sick and is no longer with us. It's too bad because she was our favourite. The rest are doing great though. The chicks we bought are getting big. Limey is expanding the coop so we can put them outside. It'll be ages before they start laying.

    An incubator is next on our list!

  3. That's too bad about Lemon:( Our favourite one from the same hatch is no longer with us either.....the brown one,she was so pretty and I was so looking forward to seeing her pretty eggs:(Still have lots of roosters! The 8 I incubated in August are half and half and doing really well.Yes,they grow pretty fast,it seems once they get all their feathers they take off.Do you know if you have any roosters yet?
    Incubating is addictive!!LOL What kind of incubator are you getting? I recommend that you get one with an egg turner......very time consuming especially if you are incubating a large number of eggs......I love mine:)

  4. We ended up with 1 ameraucana hen, 1 ameraucana roo, 3 barred roos and 3 barred henhs. So half and half.

    I'm not sure what incubator to get. But will get one with a turner for sure.

    I think I'm going to try and get some blue and splash australorps to breed with my black ones. I'm still looking for buff orpingtons. At this rate we're going to have to build breeding pens.