Monday, October 18, 2010

The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything

Well not really. Just the answer to the question of what this brown ball is.
Remember me?

I'm not impressed with that ball. I knew it was likely but the reality of it is more than a little disappointing.  We had the following guesses; truffle, weird egg and poop.  How I wish it was any of those.  A truffle would be lovely right about now.

Do you see it?

Yes boys and girls. That ball of brown is my soil. My clay soil to be exact. Limey rolled it into a ball and left it on the counter. It air-dried hard enough to kill someone (watch out coyotes) if I whipped it hard enough at their head. That soil should be outlawed as a public menace.

The guy who ploughed up the yard said that it was the best soil he's seen in years. The best soil?! For making pots maybe. Cement would be easier to garden in.  There was a bit of topsoil that is now mixed in to the clay but it'll still require a lot of work to make it decent for growing in.
All tilled up with nowhere to go.

We'll be accepting donations of bagged leaves from now until eternity. Just drop them on the driveway. 

Oh and if anyone has a pottery wheel...


  1. LOL! I needed that chuckle! Great post!

  2. HAHA a mud ball :D Last i checked the answer to life, the universe, and everything it was 42 LOL >


  3. Lol, I was just watching Hitchhiker's on Netflix last night, hence the title. I'm sure we can make 42 fit the mud ball. 42 mm diameter, 42% of the dirt is clay, 42 tonnes of compost to amend the soil...