Saturday, October 30, 2010

Antique Shopping

I was recently inspired by this post over at Farmama, to do a little antique shopping.  I've been trying to come up with a list of items to replace my corresponding electric ones.  Until I read that post it never occured to me that I could get a non-electric sewing machine.

Coincidentally, after I read that post two treadle machines were posted on Kijiji.  The first one was sold but the second was still available.

Here she is in all her glory.

Let's call her Gloria.

Isn't she pretty?

Lots of toys.

Foot Power!

Predictably, the belt snapped straight away. Ebay has over a 100 listings for treadle belt so I ordered some. It should be here in about two weeks.

I gave away my fabric stash before we moved so I'm off to Etsy to pick out some new stuff to test my machine on.

What should I make first?


  1. I am so glad 'Gloria' found her way to such a good home ;)
    What a lovely blog you have, interesting reading, great inspiration and photographs!

  2. glory is right! i'm about to acquire a treadle table for my beautiful singer, what a thrill! i look forward to getting the hang of that rhythm. should've studied percussion. we are also getting a little handcrank for my little girls to use, they are amazing!

  3. Jennifer, this is amazing! Lucky you! And all those attachments... have you had a chance to play with it yet? I've thought about acquiring one too... as much as I love my electronic sewing machine I think it's important to have a non-electric backup.

  4. I just got the belt in the mail the other day. As soon as I get my hand on some fabric I'll give her a whirl.

  5. Hello :) I know this post is not new, but it's new to me! :) I just acquired a Reliance treadle machine, also from kijiji, and had it delivered from Bouctouche to Port Elgin NB, only to discover to my dismay, that the shuttle is missing!!! AH! So, I don't have a shuttle to compare, so I don't know which shuttle to buy. There is also a missing front plate (advertised as "perfect condition, everything there... :/ ) Does your attachments box have a make on it? It looks like a Singer puzzle box. Is it? I would be so thrilled if I could just order Singer parts. The serial number on mine seems to correspond with the Singer numbers from 1876. But, again, I don't know what to compare it to, since I can't find info on the Reliance machine to begin with. I do have a tiny illustration of the shuttle in the disintegrating booklet- the only thing that was actually with the machine.

    I would really, truly appreciate any info you could share with me. I'm so much looking forward to sewing with my treadle!

  6. I have a sewing machine like this missing a bobbin with fancy gold on it wondering what its worth?

  7. From what I can tell, not much. You can buy them on kijiji for around $50.

  8. I too own a Reliance treadle machine. Mine has a cardboard box of attachments and a manual that is beginning to crumble. I am not quite sure of the year it was made. I have wanted to bring it to working condition. I recently took a class in maintence on my Featherweight and now feel a bit more confident I can work on my Reliance machine. Any suggestions on how to approach this activity. I am itching to take it on a drive with fabric.

  9. Hello there I realize this is an old post. I own a Reliance Treadle sewing machine. It was given to me for my 16th birthday (we are talking over 40 years ago). When I received it, it had all the attachments in there original packaging. I used it back then, but now it was stored away for over 30 years. I still have all the original parts and yes I have a shuttle and bobbin's (I read the below comments. If you would like I can take pictures of parts and share them with you. What I am trying to find is needles for it. I have the original one and it measures 1 3/4 inches long (longer than the standard treadle machines). Any clue where I can buy some? My machine is being donated and shipped to Haiti which it will give a family a lively hood. I have purchased two belts for it and it is in top notch running condition. So let me know soon if you need pictures of various parts. email me at