Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Moving the Buns

I read a lot of different opinions on pastured rabbits before I decided to go the tractor route.  It seemed to be split evenly between those who thought rabbit tractors were the best thing since sliced bread and those who thought it was a royal pain in the ass.

We went ahead and built the tractor keeping in mind that if it didn't work out it was no big deal to change our method.

Well it didn't work out for several reasons;

  1. Rabbit tractors are heavy, too heavy for me to move which means they only get moved once a day (when Limey is around).  This will not be acceptable once babies arrive (next week if Donna is pregnant!).
  2. At first we used wire on the bottom but it compressed the grass too much for them to eat it.  Then Limey switched to wood slats but that led to digging, which led to a big mess in the cage and an escaped rabbit.
  3. Jayne (our male duck) decided to make the rabbit tractor his own personal toilet.  When your rabbits are getting covered in duck poo, something has to change.
So yesterday I gave Limey the go ahead to change the setup.  The tractor is now outside the chicken paddock (closer to the house) up off the ground (so we can catch the manure for the garden) and has a roof to keep it dry.

I guess we don't really need the wheels anymore.

Nice big cages.

The Doctor wants another date night.

Ultimately, the rabbits will still eat from pasture, they'll just get it clipped for them instead.  This will be a lot less hassle than moving a heavy tractor around.

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