Sunday, October 10, 2010

One Good

One of the Borg chickens is different from the others in the collective so we decided to name her.   She's also taken Lemon's place as favourite chicken. Damn my fickle heart!

I'm looking at you.

This is One Good. As you can see she's missing an eye. Her beak is also a little wonky. I'm assuming these are birth defects and not the result of an injury.  They seem to have no negative affect beyond her having to scoop her food rather than peck it. 

Limey named her after the villain in my never to be finished steampunk novel. The character's name isn't One Good but Limey calls him that because he only has one "good" arm, leg and eye. The non-good parts are mechanical.

Anyway, One Good is a cool chicken. She follows us all around the yard clucking loudly and trails along the fence when we are in the other paddocks. She also lets us pick her up.  I can't tell if she likes the kids or not as she'll let them pick her up but when dd2 gets down low enough, One Good pecks at her head. 

She never pecks at Limey's head.

True love.

Maybe she will escape the stew pot...


  1. you should no play with your food! lol x

  2. For the record, I was not kissing my little Onegood... I was merely tasting her to see if she is ready for the crock pot yet! Honestly!

  3. a crossed beak on a hen is also a sign of inbreeding.

  4. I want to read your steampunk novel!

  5. The novel is so good in my head but I get super critical of it when I write it out. It'll never get finished.