Monday, October 4, 2010

Planning Ahead

Now that we have a good start on raising farm animals it's time to begin thinking about next year's food garden. The weather is still nice here in the Valley and it's prime time to get the yard dug up in preparation for spring.

Here's the space;

If you ever read my previous blog "Rose Cottage", you won't be surprised to hear that I'm planning to dig up the front lawn. Despite some badly positioned trees it is the most convenient spot for both our family garden and the one for market.

A neighbour is coming by tomorrow to dig it up for us.  Then in goes the garlic (planted right side up this time).  We bought a soil test kit when we were in Halifax so we test the soil so we can decide what amendments are needed.

It's a big space to fill.  I can't wait for the seed catalogs to start arriving in December!


  1. Are deer a problem there? We have an effective deer fence, a lot of work to put up, but almost no loss this year (gate was left open once).

  2. There are deer in the area but we haven't seen any and nobody has deer fencing around their gardens. Hopefully with the multiple fenced paddocks in the back and the garden in the front, the deer won't bother with our plants.