Monday, October 25, 2010

Triple Header

You may remember the post about the double yolk egg.  If not, check it out here.
That wasn't the last of the double yolkers, we've had another three since.  Of course, once you've seen a couple of big double yolk eggs, the novelty wears off.

The other day, I found an even bigger egg in the coop.

How crazy is that? It's a really big egg. It's also a little oddly shaped in the middle, kind of a raised band of shell. I wonder how long it took to work that one out?

Of course I've been pestering Limey to eat the thing so I could crack it open. He agreed to an omelet this morning and this is what we got;

Three beautiful yolks, one giant egg.

Is it too much to request a quadruple next time?


  1. Wow! We've had a number of double yolkers too, but I've never seen a triple! Very cool.