Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Exactly 31 days after the Doctor and Donna did the horizontal tango, we found Doctor Donna babies in the hutch this morning. 


  1. Awwww,congratulations!!How many did she have?

  2. I counted 7. I wasn't expecting any because she showed no signs of being pregnant. I was going to rebreed her tomorrow if there were no babies today.

  3. I almost dropped out of my chair when I stumbled upon your blog and noticed pictures of your family down at a beach two K's from my house. My husband and I with our three girls, bunny and two dogs just moved here from Alberta In a crazy attempt to simplify and become more self sufficient. We bought a horrifically ugly 1970's house on 50 acres in Hampton and are attempting to make it presentable and to start our little hobby farm. We've been here since the end of August. We moved while our youngest daughter was only 6 weeks old. I enjoyed your birth story and reading your blog. It would be lovely to meet you sometime.


  4. That's funny, we put originally a bid on a foreclosure house on 50 acres on Hampton Mountain Road. Limey decided it wasn't right for us so we went with this one.

    How old are your girls? Have you taken them to Roo's in Greenwood yet? We could meet up there sometime?

  5. Hooray! Baby Bunnies! Baby Bunnies with a Doctor Who reference are even better!
    Hope you guys enjoyed your Halloween - I think we got ten kids (we're not on the route, either.)
    I heard that I narrowly missed meeting Lola (who wrote your previous comment) at Family Matters today. You guys should come too, next week, if you can. I can't remember if I've told you about it or not. We get together every Wednesday morning from 9:30-11:00am at the Legion here in Bridgetown. It's for families, although it's mostly Moms, and kids over 18months can go and have supervised play in the next room while the Moms and younger kids hang out and chat, or do programs. I missed it this week, because Griffin had a doctor's appointment, but we'll be there next week. Hope to see you guys there!

  6. Hmmm... thought I already commented but it must not have gone through. it must be the same house. It definitely needs massive amounts of work and we're just now installing reclaimed hardwood. It took us forever just to air it out and get the moldy smell out of here. We gutted the basement. My parents came with us and are renovating the loft in the garage and we're turning the garage into a shop. My husband in a carpenter and woodworker and my mom is an upholsterer. We actually originally tried to by the old house on Hiwy 1 in Lawrencetown to turn into a coffee shop but were outbid.

    This place will have to do and we love being so close to the beach. I've been dreaming up ways to reside and revamp the outside of this house to make it presentable but that will just have to wait until weather and money allow.

    I haven't been to Roo's but would love to go. My girls are 4 and a half 2 and a half and 4 months.

  7. That is hilarious! The bank accepted our offer on that house. Limey flew down to see it and the renos were too much for us to handle financially. The barn was lovely though according to Limey. What kind of shop are you setting up?

    I have two girls, one will be 5 in December, the other is 2.5 and we have a two month old son.

    Do you have a facebook profile? We can arrange a get together through there.

  8. I do but I don't know how to just send you the link so you'll have to look up Lola Brown. My profile picture is of my rubber boots in the ocean.