Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Chick Update

They are fuzzy little chicks no more.  Of the 8 chicks we bought, we got 4 roos and 4 hens. They've really taken off in size in the past two weeks and will be going outside as soon as Limey expands the coop.

Here are some pics of the two Ameraucanas.

The hen.

The roo.

I think we're both addicted to birds now. I want to get some blue and splash Australorps and I'm still searching for a trio of Buff Orpingtons. We're also discussing getting other birds such as turkeys, quail or pheasants.

We're going to need more property at this rate!


  1. It is addictive:)and a lot of fun.The Ameraucanas are very pretty,I look forward to seeing them full grown:)We have wild pheasants here but I know a fellow that incubated a bunch this spring for himself......hmmm maybe get some eggs from him.

  2. We have a few pheasants hanging around here too... I should find how where/how they nest and maybe try that myself!

  3. We found a clutch of pheasant eggs a few years ago,the eggs were cold and I tried to hatch them in a fish tank.....homemade icubator....they were all duds.They say that they can lay several clutches before they actually sit on one....we figure that's what these were.