Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Expanding the Coop

As predicted, we've become addicted to chickens. I'd heard that chickens are the gateway drug for farm animals and it's true.

Limey finally finished expanding the coop. Here's a pic of it before it was lifted into place.
Room for even more chickens!
The chickens are very friendly now.  Whenever we walk into the paddock they follow us around pecking at our legs for some scratch.  So maybe more demanding than friendly.  One Good is the worst.  She follows Limey out of the paddock to the barn.  When I'm out there she walks between my legs.  I nearly face planted into the mud today because I tripped over her.

She had to photo bomb the shot.
With the four girls we grew from chicks, we now have eighteen layers.  Only the larger fourteen are laying and we're getting on average ten eggs a day.  I'm hoping to add another 22 hens to this flock. 

We sell out of eggs every week so hopefully we can find some new layers soon.

Email me if you have some for sale!

Biggest one yet.  Can't close the carton.

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  1. Very nice coop,they should be happy in their new addition.The girls are looking good,I knew they were going to a good home:)That's a big egg!