Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Addiction is Growing

Here's some pictures of the newest additions to our chicken yard as well as some shots of the growing babies.

These lay white eggs.

Our beautiful cockerel.

These were purchased as Ameraucanas but are really Easter Eggers.
So there seems to be a huge misunderstanding around these parts as to what an Ameraucana is.  I often see them for sale but upon further inspection they are actually Easter Eggers.  Even the big hatchery's in Canada label them wrong.  Ameraucanas have slate legs and a muff/bread and have specific colouring.  They only lay blue eggs.  If your Ameraucana has green or yellow legs and/or lays eggs that aren't blue they are Easter Eggers.   The same goes for Araucanas.  I haven't seen a real one locally yet, they all turn out to be Easter Eggers.

Easter Eggers aren't actually a breed.  They are a mutt with a blue layer in their family tree.

Regardless I love these two birds.  The roo is gorgeous with all the gold leakage.  He does an excellent job protecting his girls and has started some practice crowing.    Can't wait to get him making babies!

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