Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pics to Ponder Explanation.

I know you've all been waiting with baited breath for the response to this post so here it is.

Actually, I have no explanation for the egg.  I Googled "wonky egg" and surprisingly not much came up.  There was some mention of trauma deforming an egg during laying but as far as I could see none of the chickens were traumatized at the time.

The chicken in the pan.  I was getting her ready for the oven obviously.

I'm kidding.  Jalapeno is one of 4 chickens we bought.  When we added her to the hen paddock everything was peachy.  We were happy to see that there was very little picking on the newcomers and all seemed well.   Then for some reason our muscovey trio decided to hang out with the chickens.  First off the females started harassing one of the newbies.  The new chickens were a tight knit group and came to their friend's rescue.  The girl ducks were not used to insubordination so they flew back to the goat paddock in a huff.  We weren't witness to what happened next and there are two different versions of the story.

According to Jalapeno here, she was minding her own business when a crazed testosterone-fueled Jayne (our male muscovey) jumped on her and pinned her to the ground.

According to Jayne, he was minding his own business, eating the chicken feed when all of a sudden this crazy biotch comes flying at him trying to peck his eye out.  Of course he had to defend himself.

Regardless of how it went we ended up with a bloody chicken.  Jayne had ripped Jalapeno's comb which required us to bring her in the house to keep her from being pecked to death by a blood thirsty mob of laying hens.  For some reason Limey thought that my roast pan would make a good bed for her while she stayed the night.

So there you go.  If you think that was interesting (or totally bland) then wait until you read what happened at the farm this week.  If any more crazy happens I'm going to lubricate my brain with vodka and sleep until spring.

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