Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pluckity Pluck

In the spring we're hoping to raise chickens for the freezer.  Apparently in the olden days Limey used to pluck his dad's chickens by hand.  Imagine his surprise when I showed him a much easier way to do it.

Do not view if you are a PETA sympathizer.

Limey managed to find a motor and barrel locally but I had to order the plucker fingers from Ebay.

The build is pretty straight forward.
  1. Cut a third of the drum off from the top.
  2. Slice the bottom off.
  3. Drill holes the same size as your fingers in the bottom plate and the sides
  4. Insert fingers.
  5. Attach bottom plate to plywood disc the same size.
  6. Build frame for drum to fit snug into.
  7. Mount motor onto disc or set up belt mechanism whichever you prefer.
  8. Mount onto frame.  
  9. Plug and play.

Drilling holes for 125 fingers.


All ready to go.

Ready to pluck those feathers.
We don't currently have a chicken to pluck although I briefly considered throwing one of the kids' plush toys in there to watch it spin!


  1. Cool,how many meat birds are you getting?They sure are tasty:)

  2. 50-100. I'm still trying to figure out where we're going to put them!

  3. nice and it even tenderizes! lol love it