Friday, December 24, 2010

Wind Damage

I generally don't like writing (or reading) long blog posts but we've had a wordy week so here I go...

You may have heard that the Maritimes have been having it rough in the storm department lately.  Hurricane Earl was minor in comparison to the wind we've had in the past two weeks.  We haven't suffered any real damage to the property but the wind has caused us some trouble.

Things started badly on Sunday.  Limey brought home a rooster and two hens.  As soon as I opened the lid off the bin to let them out, the Penedesenca hen flew straight over my head and into the bush.  Every day Limey would go out and try to catch her but she evaded him every time.  The strong winds didn't help.  As of Thursday she was no longer in her hidey hole and we haven't been able to find her anywhere else.

Early Wednesday morning the phone rang waking us up.  It was our neighbours across the street calling to say that our pig was in their yard!   The wind had blown the gate down.   Limey was out of the house before I could blink.  I have been dreading the possibility of Checkers escaping because of all the stories I've read about such an occurrence.  Pigs are heavy and strong, not the easiest animal to move where you want it to go.  Fortunately our pig loves us.  As soon as she saw Limey, Checkers came running up to him and he walked her across the road and up our driveway.  She padded along like a faithful dog wagging her tail.   No damage done.  Phew!

I'd hoped that was the end to our troubles but things got worse from there.  Friday evening when I went out to feed the animals I noticed that Zoe the Muscovey was missing.  It had been really windy all day.  It was hard to walk around outside without getting blown around so I assume she had tried flying in to or out of one of the paddocks and got blown away.  While Limey went out to look for her, I got a phone call from our neighbour again.  She had seen Zoe walking along the street in the morning but saw her go up our driveway so she didn't worry about her.  Limey went across the street and found her in a field foraging.  When she saw him she came running up but as she got closer she flew up back to the house.  As soon as she got near the roof a huge gust of wind came up and blew her across the three acre plot next door and all the way to the highway.  Limey ran all the way there but he was too late, she had been hit by a car.   Zoe was one of our breeding ducks so we are really sad to see her go but there is no point in wasting the meat.  There is a freshly butchered duck in my fridge and we'll be having a bittersweet Christmas meal.

While Limey was butchering the duck I went out to lock up the chicken coop and lock the remaining ducks in the chicken paddock.  I spotted something white sitting in the duck house but the two ducks were following behind me.  I shone my flashlight into the duck house to find a muddy Meringue (chicken) pacing around.  I couldn't figure out why she was in there and not in her own coop.  When I pulled her out I got my answer.  Her wing was broken and hanging limply at her side.  Damn wind.

Chickens can survive a broken wing as long as it doesn't get infected.  I didn't have any bandages in the house so I donated the foot from a pair of hose to patch her up with.  It slipped over her wing tightly enough to hold it into place against her body.  Her wing won't be of any use to her now but at least she's alive.  She'll be in the house until she's healed up a bit. 

The wind is finally dieing out and we're expecting snow tonight.  Hopefully it'll be a relaxing white Christmas from here on out. 

Life on the farm, it's definitely not boring.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Wow is right! That's sounds like a week from h---!
    This wind has been wild but we've been lucky,only lost a few shingles......but lost three hens to a mink!We haven't been letting out in the run for a few days.Geof set the live trap with sardines but only caught our neighbours cat.LOL

    Merry Christmas to you all and all the best in 2011:)