Thursday, January 20, 2011

Eggwatch January 2011

Join me for Eggwatch!  I'll be updating this post as the action occurs in the incubator.  It's so eggciting!

It's 12:36 pm and one of the white eggs is wiggling periodically. Every time Limey catches me staring into the incubator he rolls his eyes and tells me that I'm obsessive.

Friday 9:05am: Some more eggs are wiggling but nothing else is happening. They aren't actually due until tomorrow but I'm hoping somebody hatches while our visitor is here. In other news, where are my new baby bunnies? They were due on Wednesday and Donna started making a nest on Sunday. The nest is gone now and she's still pregnant?!

Saturday 6:46pm: I heard a chirp coming from the incubator and while I was watching a crack appeared on one of the eggs. It made me jump.

7:46am: Egg 1 is taking a break and now we have a white egg starting to pip!

8:08am: Another egg is pipped. Lots of wiggling eggs now and a few peeps. Yes I am obsessively watching the incubator.

2:33pm: 5 eggs are pipped now, no zipping yet.

6:39pm: 7 pips no zips. I haven't heard anything from this morning's chicks all day. Waiting is stressful. I hope they all make it.

7:50pm: Starting to see a little more action. Lots of eggs rocking and chicks chirping when I whistle at them.

Sunday 6:39am: A chick started to zip last night around 12:30. It was the one that pipped at 6am Saturday morning. By the time I got up at 5:40 to top up the fire, 3 chicks we playing soccer with the remaining eggs. They hatched from two brown eggs and one white. It looks like they are two blue Australorps and a mix. Of the remaining eggs only 3 haven't pipped yet; the two browns that I put in a day late and one white egg. They are so cute!

More pictures here.


  1. Sit on your bloody hands woman!

  2. Tell Limey to leave you alone... I heard they hatch faster if you watch!!!

  3. Tell Limey he can roll his eyes all he wants......when they start hatching he'll be in there like an old mother hen!! LOL Any pips yet?

  4. Nothing. Some more eggs rocking but that's it.

  5. I've been checking this....obsessively!!! LOL I was worried last night,the power was out here and out your way.I guess everything is "A OK"

    Come on peepers!!

  6. Despite the crazy winds last night, the power managed to stay on.

    This is going soooo slowly.

  7. LOL Enjoy every second of it.....just amazing:)

  8. Cooommmeee ooonnn!!!! I just want to see a little chicky head poking out! Hopefully they will hold off until I get home from work! :P

  9. At the rate they are going, we'll be lucky if we get chicks by Monday.

  10. I was gone all afternoon and I was sure there would be some chicks......but I do remember it taking a fair amount of time.....once they hear some peeping they'll all want out! LOL

  11. Start peeping Limette!!! LOL

  12. I have been! We've got a little beak visible now.

  13. Congratulations!! Sounds like you are a proud mama. They sure are cute when they run around.I hope the rest hatch for you in the next day or two and you get to see it!!
    I don't look at the eggs in the same way anymore......they are all potential chicks.LOL

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