Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gardening in Nova Scotia

There's something I'm really excited about that has nothing to do with the practicalities of our homestead.  Nor does it have anything do with the farm business.  When I mention it Limey rolls his eyes and mumbles something like "but is it edible?"

Yes, I can't wait to plant the 75 vegetable varieties I ordered.  I'm also eager to get my 18 herbs put in the newly dug bed out front.  But what I'm really giddily excited about is flower gardening in the Valley. 

I made the best of my cottage garden back in zone 3.  I had tiny little hidcote blue lavenders, my hardy rugosa rose and various other zone 3 beauties.

A very small lavender.

I loved my bee balm.  It was right in front of the living room window.
But now!  Zone 5b/6a!  Just think of all the new flowers I can plant;  rhododendron, butterfly bush, wisteria and bigger lavenders! 



Spring can't come fast enough.


  1. You're telling me!!! In Alberta we were borderline 2. Even being up on the mountain is going to feel like the tropics.

  2. Isn't it awesome! Why did we live somewhere so cold for so long?

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  4. Can you eat Rhododendron?

  5. No...but you can drink in it's beauty.

  6. FYI, If you have goats the Rhododendron is deadly if eaten by goats.

  7. someone to check out if you have FB is sharon Bryson she' is located in New Glasglow and has beautiful rodies.. her husband and her have a huge plant sale every spring with all kinds of shrubs, plants, trees.. they grow themselves from seeds