Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just a Bit of Snow

We've been getting a bit of snow lately. We get 10cm and the schools close, people start driving 10km/hr and the animals all hide in their houses. Limey went to pick up more chickens just before a snowfall and he got stuck halfway up the driveway.

The chickens kept to their coop and the ducks were moved to the barn. The pig was mucking out her house and got stuck outside when the wind blocked up the entrance with snow.

Yesterday the animals took advantage of the good weather to lay out in the sun all day. Hopefully spring will come soon and they can get back to ranging around in the grass.


Getting a little sun after all that time indoors.

Snowy windbreak.

Maybe egg production will increase now.


  1. You could say it is a "Pigloo" eh!?

  2. The car half way the driveway looks very know what our driveway is like!
    Checkers is just the sweetest pig ever! There's no way Limey is going to be able to do the deed.
    The first year we had meat birds,I got way to attached to them,I wouldn't cook one for a long time.....I got over it.The turkeys were even worse!So....we made sure they were comfy and happy while they were here with us,though it short,I respect them for it.