Sunday, February 20, 2011

Meet the Newbies

I was going to post photos last night but things went sour with the hatch and I didn't feel up to it.

Originally 13 eggs went into the hatch.  10 Easter Egger eggs (green) that I purchased and 3 of my Australorp (brown) eggs.  I wasn't holding out much hope for mine because they were older and was a little concerned about how dirty the green ones were.  You aren't supposed to incubate dirty eggs and you also aren't supposed to wash them.  Anyway in they went.  A week in, one of mine was clearly a dud so into the garbage it went.

Friday was the due date and they slowly starting pipping.  My two remaining brown eggs were shaking but no pip.  By Saturday afternoon only 3 had hatched but 5 more had pipped.  The two brown ones and one green had stopped moving.  One of the pipped green eggs had a little blood on the shell.  When it finally hatched out there was a long bloody mass attached to it.  This is not normal and the chick died shortly after.  The other pipped eggs hatched overnight but I wasn't holding out much hope for the rest.  We had candled them but there was no movement.

This morning Limey chipped some of the shell off so we could see what was going on.  There was no evidence of breathing and once fully opened, the eggs revealed dead chicks.

So out of the 12 fertile eggs (not including the dud) we only got 8 live chicks which is a crappy 66% hatch rate.

The new Easter Eggers are very cute.  Most are a dark grey but one is lighter grey/yellow and another has a lot of gold on it.

Here are the pics.

So pretty, wonder what it's feathers will look like?

Most look like this one.

Still wet but look at that colour!
We have 29 quail eggs saved up and will be putting them in to hatch today.  So mark your calendars.  Assuming they are actually fertile we will have quail babies in 17 days.


  1. They are adorable!Sorry to hear about the ones you lost.I lost three the very same way.
    So excited that you are setting the quail,I have never seen any of them before.We should have some eggs hatching around the time of your quail hatch:)
    I tossed a weeping egg last night....if left it would have likely exploded!

  2. I haven't had a weeping one yet. We have cracked some duds and they smelled awful.

    I can't wait for the quail, we need to increase our flock so we can a meal out of them!

    When the snow melts and we can get outside you'll have to come visit.

  3. I would love to come for a visit,hurry up spring!!

  4. You'll have to grab some quail eggs from us to hatch out Val. I can't wait to see them... they'll have to be so teeny weeny when they come out!

  5. I might just do that.....when Geof's not looking of course.LOL
    When these ones I have in the incubator now hatch and if you like the looks of them I would be very happy to slip you some.Rusty and the Russettes are still together and will be for a while,just let me know and I'll start saving you some:)