Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Partial Reno-Future Den

The second floor of this house is not currently suitable for living in.  The lack of insulation, drafty windows and no heating vents makes it a good place to keep your beer cold but not for human occupation.  There's also no bathroom up there.  Until it undergoes a major renovation, we're staying on the main floor.

The room we're sleeping in will eventually be the den/guest room.  I get a little antsy when there's no progression on the interior of my house and this room requires the least amount of work so I started tearing wallpaper.

Here's how it looked the other day.

Ripped up floral wallpaper and a thick green carpet in decent condition.  Ah, but you know how I feel about carpet don't you?  The carpet was laid on top of another carpet which was on top of old vinyl.   Underneath the carpets was a whole lot of mold.  It's just too damp in the Valley to have wall to wall carpeting.  Whenever we pull out a carpet the air quality in the room improves.

Limey is a bit of a perfectionist so after listening to him sigh at my wallpaper removal technique,  I let him take over the demo (wink wink).

Here's how the room looked after the wallpaper came down.

Paint colour: construction grey.
Yeah, not feeling that wall colour.  Once again we're going with blue.
Beauti-Tone "Uptown"

The reno will only consist of new flooring and paint.  I might make some blinds for the window and change the light fixture.  The furniture half of the reno will have to wait until we move upstairs.

Now here's a question for you; what accent colour should I use?


  1. I like the colour not sure about an accent colour.I hate carpet!!We ripped every bit of it up here.Beautiful hardwood under it in the living room and dinning.The rest is softwood......which we haven't done too much with......just two bedrooms upstairs sanded down and varnished.Our daughters room had layers of wallpaper,what a mess!!We did her room while she was away at University.I have a list a mile long of things I want to do here and we've been here almost 10 seems everything goes in to the farming part!

  2. Our old house had hardwood under all the carpet. No such luck here.

    Ooh just heard some chirping!

  3. Yippee!!Do you have a peeper?