Sunday, February 13, 2011

Temporary Housing and a New Pet

The morning after Limey fixed the rabbit hutch again, we found more bunnies running around the garage. Clearly we need to start from scratch and make some traditional rabbit cages. While we wait for the wire to come in, we've moved Donna and her babies into the sunroom.

Limey divided the brooder in half to use as the rabbit's temporary residence.

It's fun having them so close by.  I can watch them through the window in the kitchen.  When the babies nurse, they snuggle under Donna and then flip over on  their backs.  So cute.

I want to snuggle too!
We still have Martha's two babies.  One is growing nicely and will be put into the freezer in about a month.

The kids are still upset about losing Pippin to the local wildlife back in September and have been asking for an indoor pet.  As much as I love cats, I just can't go there again.  Besides the fact that I'm allergic, there just isn't a way to keep a cat in the house.  We are in and out all the time and a determined cat will get out and get killed.  Martha's other baby is very small in comparison to her gigantic sibling so we're going to keep her as a pet.  For the name, I voted for Hermione or Totoro but the kids wanted to name her Kiki. 

We got the cage from a lady on Kijii.  We just need to buy a new water bottle.  I'm betting that Kiki is enjoying her new digs in the house.  No more smelly barn for her!

*After I posted this, DD1 read it. When she got to the freezer part, her jaw dropped and she said "you'd better undo that, backspace it!".


  1. We had the best ever house bunny until he died this fall. Sad. those Bunnies are just too cute. I still have never eaten rabbit. I need to try it soon.

  2. How sweet...I agree with DD1,backspace it!! LOL