Thursday, March 17, 2011

Decluttering; Not Always a Good Thing

I'm just sitting here wasting time while I wait for Limey to come home so that I can go to the hospital. 

Being spring and all, I was getting my decluttering groove on when I was inspired to remove the ugly cabinet that surrounds the toilet.

Kinda like this one although not as nice.

I unscrewed it from the wall and pulled it out.  I didn't realize two things; 1 that it was in two pieces and 2 that those two pieces were not secured together very well. The bottom piece came with me and the top piece (surprisingly heavy) dropped straight down onto my foot.  I screamed, grabbed the stupid unit and tossed it outside violently making sure to aim it so that it smashed into a million tiny pieces.

I may have exaggerated a bit.

By the time I checked my foot, it was swollen and blue. At first it felt like my foot was on fire. When I sat down for a bit (and downed some Tylenol) it just felt like a sprain, that jolty type pain.  I Googled to see if I should be concerned.  Apparently it's not always obvious when you've fractured the bones in the top of your foot so I'm going to head to the hospital and get it checked out. 

I got up for a bit to make the kids lunch.  I hobbled on the heel of my foot well enough but after 10 minutes of cooking it started to hurt again.  Now I'm sitting here typing away and the pain is getting worse. 

So I'll be spending the rest of the afternoon at the ER awaiting an x-ray.  Maybe I can get "Ender's Game" finished while I'm there.

Next time I get the urge to declutter I'll be wearing my steel-toed boots.


  1. ouch, hope it feels better soon and it's just a bad bruise!

  2. I think you should get an award for being an extreme blogger I think the last thing on my mind would be heh I have to blog this. Hope you feel better soon steel toed boots sound like a good idea

  3. My god girl.....are you alright?You can't be laid up now!This sounds some what familiar.....but I didn't break anything.I stopped doing things like this when Geof is away.LOL Hope you are feeling better real soon!

  4. The Middleton ER was closed so I ended up going to Annapolis Royal. Nothing appears to be broken but my foot is swollen, bruised and in quite a bit of pain. The doctor said it was going to hurt for awhile and to take it easy. Hopefully it eases up soon.

  5. Eek! Hope you heal quickly. I spent the day decluttering too, but I ended up just tiring myself out.

  6. Couldn't help myself... had to click funny! :P