Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gobbledygook, Gobbledygook

That's the way the turkey talks.

Yesterday there was and ad on Kijiji for a pair of Beltsville turkeys. I sent Limey  to check them out and we picked the beauties up this morning.

They are huge and pretty and make weird noises.

I was looking at these two photos and I noticed something odd.

That is the same turkey in both photos.  Where is the snood in the first pic?  So I Googled "retractable snood" and found out that sometimes the snood is shriveled up to a point but then it fills with blood and starts to expand until it's all flopped down like in the second photo.  At this point Limey starts snickering behind me.  "So just like a..." he says.  Yes, Limey a snood is just like a penis, but not.

I learn something new every day.


  1. I raised Beltsville's for a few years, they are a wonderful breed,tasty too.
    Extremely rare breed.
    I sold my last ones last year.
    The tom will retract his snood and act like a hen if he feels threatened by another male bird.
    Just be cautious of him with your rooters he might kill them and your Muscovy drake will be unforgiving to your turkeys as well.
    I miss having all my breeds of turkeys around all year.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. They are in the pig paddock at the moment. We're going to keep them separate from everyone else.

  3. He never harmed any of the other chickens in any way .They were together with the hens and the rooster all winter. Its her that can be mean to other hens. But if you have the room i also think its best to leave them on their own. Not that it matters but i called him Charles and she was named Sophie. lol I am glad they have such a great new home.And good luck with them.
    cheers Wade.

  4. Aww Wade I can't call her Sophie, that's on our baby name list, if we ever get around to it again.

    I was thinking Mulder and Scully or Riker and Troi seeing as most of our animals have sci-fi names.

  5. Ahh...good old Kijiji. My husband is on it constantly.

    Yes, it's just like a .....

  6. So are they a breeding pair or are they for the roaster?

  7. A breeding pair. We ordered a bunch of generic ones for growing out.