Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's the Ug-Ugliest Time of the Year!

I'm going to say it.  I might regret it but I'll say it anyway. 

It's spring!  Well pre-spring, that yucky, mucktackular time of the year when the rains pave the way for the dreamy greenness of spring.

According to the always accurate Weather Network, it is 10C and rainy with a little wind. 

That's one ugly yard.
I think I might hold a mud-wrestling competition out in the chicken paddock.  It's just lovely, all the worms and muck and chicken poo. 

Actually now that the snow is gone and I can see what's there, it's a good time to make plans for what to do with this space.  

Chicken Paddock;  The plan is to extend the fenced up run to the goat paddock to keep the chickens out of their own paddocks for most of the season.  In one chicken paddock I want to plant some hay, in the other I want to plant pumpkins and corn.  I've also ordered two Elderberrys that I plan to stick in those two paddocks.  Eventually I want more berry bushes and such in there to provide food, windbreaks and generally just a more natural environment for the the chickens.

Goat Paddock;  Not much I can do inside the paddocks beyond pasture grass as the goats will just kill anything I plant.  But, I'm thinking I'll plant raspberries around the outside of it and they can eat up the suckers that spring up along the fence line. 

Pig Paddock; We are going to divide this paddock in half.  On one side, the pigs will live and the other side that Checkers so nicely dug up, I'll plant with mangels.  Mangels aka Sugar Beets, were traditionally used as a fodder crop for the winter.  I also want to plant sunchokes around the outside of the pig pen but I have yet to find any for purchase locally.

New Paddocks;  We need at least three new paddocks.  At some point we have to separate the goats.  Barney is going to stay in the current paddock with a ram to be rotated into a second yet to be fenced paddock.  The girls and their babies will be moved to a new paddock.  They'll eventually be sharing space with ewes.  Eventually the entire back of the property will be fenced up so we can rotate the animals to new grazing areas periodically over the summer.    We also need a new space for turkeys and geese. 

The "Backyard";  The yard for us, for relaxing, playing and entertaining.  I need to fence an area from the house to about eight feet from the paddock line.  This will be our backyard.  We currently have a patio set, fire pit and swing set.  I'd like to add a deck, large sandbox and a clay oven.  This will also be the space for my flower garden.  So far in addition to flowers, I've ordered;  Invincibelle Spirit Hydrangea, Pink Beauty Potentilla, Variegated Weigela, Anne Magnolia, Bi-coloured Butterfly Bush and a Miss Cally Wisteria.

The big question on my mind right now is; where the hell am I going to put that Wisteria?!


  1. So many little time. Do you ever wish you lived somewhere that the weather was nice all year round!

    With your 'green thumb' I'm sure your flower garden will look lovely.

  2. We live in a place that people (Canadians) consider green all year round (Vancouver Island) but sad to say our yard looks just like yours, even the snow, but with more surface water. This morning there's no flushing possible until the ground water level goes below the level of the septic and this will be followed in July/August by no rain at all. SO I like your neighbourhood where rain comes all year round, even if it is white for a while. And your plans sound very the work begins in earnest!

  3. It's the worse time of year.....mucky,muddy,mess.Oh but on the bright side,Geof bought me a new mop today.LOL
    You guys are tiring me out just reading this.LOL
    Keep up the good work,I love your plans.

  4. Hi this is my first time posting and I just wanted to say that I love your blog. If you're looking for A place to buy jerusalem artichokes/sunchokes there's a seed company called hope seeds that just moved to the valley in granville ferry. Just google them, hope that helps.

  5. I'm glad you enjoy it Krista. Thanks for the tip. Hope Seeds is not far from me.