Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Latest Additions

A couple of days ago we took a drive out to Margaretsville to pick up some new birds.  We bought nine brown layers and two muscovy hens.

The ducks are gorgeous.  The chickens?  Not so much...

 The chickens are going through a hard molt.  Their bottoms are almost completely bare.  But they've been laying right through it and are producing some nice big eggs.

With another ten layers coming in a month and some Buff Orpington chicks in May I think our flock of chickens is more or less complete. 


  1. I wonder if my chickens will molt like that. No sign of it yet. They're only 10 months old maybe it won't happen this year.

  2. At this point, probably not.

    Our other chickens had a barely noticeable molt and most of them stopped laying.

  3. Oh the duck is so pretty,will you be getting eggs and hatching them? Geof has been asked a few times at the Halifax market if he had duck eggs,I've never eaten any but I guess they are good. The chickens look to be healthy minus the bare butt lol......that can be from them picking at each other usually a sign they are lacking protein.....so I'm told.I'm enjoying your blog,everyday is an adventure in the farm life.

  4. We're going to let them hatch the eggs out and grow out the ducks for meat.

  5. The Buff Orpington chicks you have coming in May....are they from Circle Pond?

  6. I see they have their ad on kijiji.