Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Additions

I don't remember quite when it was but we added a couple of more hens to the flock.  Two Speckled Sussex and a beautiful mutt.

I've been trying to get a good shot of them for ages now but winter has been harsh and they never leave the coop.

It's been slowly warming up and all the chickens were out and about the other day.  I managed to get a couple of usable photos.


  1. Your mutt looks very similar to one of my EEs. I love the partridge-type feathers!

  2. Very very pretty indeed!!!

  3. Speckled Sussex were number 5 on my list last year, but I only ordered 4 breeds. I love how they look and would love to have some. How did your existing flock take to the newcomers? I'm reading different reports on this process.

  4. We never had trouble adding birds to the flock until we got a couple of Comets (cross from a Rhode Island Red). There are 4 of them and they target the newbies and try to peck them to death. I had been adding new birds to the other coop with the youngsters to keep them safe from the Comets. A couple months ago I tried moving one of the hens to the main flock. As I was chasing her down in the run, the four Comets ran up the fence and started pecking at the hen while I tried to get her. They are evil. With the other breeds there is a bit of pecking but not anywhere near as extreme.

    We finally had to merge the two flocks the other day because we'll be putting the babies from January out soon. It went better than expected. The Comets aren't nearly as horrible now but our small leghorns are missing most of their tail feathers.

    So it's hit or miss. Definitely watch them for a bit before leaving them alone.