Monday, March 28, 2011


A couple of years ago our neighbour dug up a bit of oregano from her garden for me.  She didn't know what it was, just that it came back every year.  It filled a 4" pot and into my herb bed it went.

By the end of the season it looked like this;

About 2ft across the diagonal.
The following year it had tripled in size.  Now as far as I know oregano is hardy to zone 5 but I was in zone 3 and it was thriving.   I'm a lazy gardener so I never water my herbs.  They just get a little weeding and maybe some manure if they're lucky. 

I planted oregano in flats a couple of weeks ago and after germinating fairly quickly,  they are doing nicely in the sunroom.  In a couple of weeks into my new herb garden they will go.

Oregano is a culinary perennial herb with a height and spread of about 18".  They send out runners so you'll have to cut it back yearly to keep it in check.  It trails nicely over edging.  The flowers can be white, pink or purple.  It's rarely bothered by pests but I often found mine covered with bees.   The plant does best in partial shade but I had no problems with it in full sun.

If you do a lot of Italian cooking, oregano is good to have in your garden.  If not, it makes a really pretty ground cover.

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