Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our Daily Dose

At the moment we have our buck in the same living area as our two does.  I've heard opposing thoughts on whether or not this will make our goat milk taste "goaty".   I'm hoping to start milking Robin next Sunday and wanted to do a taste test in advance.

We didn't get much from her as the babies already had their fill but it was enough for our sample.

DD1 didn't like it because it was still a little warm but Limey said the milk tasted fine and that it was similar to the goat milk we buy from the store.  It was super creamy so we'll be separating the cream out a bit for drinking.

The actual milking was a little awkward. Limey brought Robin in the house for me to milk because the stand isn't quite ready and it's freezing outside. I got the milk out easily enough but Robin's teats are pretty small so I kept readjusting my technique. I'm hoping it'll be a bit easier on the raised stand and she's been holding her milk for awhile.

Have you ever tried goat milk? Was it from the store or fresh? How did it taste?


  1. When I weaned my daughter I tried offering her a sippy cup of fresh goat's milk, she cried and said "dat not good mummy, dat stinky". We couldn't pawn it off on friends either. It does make lovely soap though.

  2. Goat milk shouldn't be stinky. If it is it's been contaminated during the (milking) process. If we get to the point where I have an excess of milk, I'd love to try soapmaking.

  3. You may be interested in checking out some of the posts I've written on goat milking. I had no idea what I was doing and just jotted down my experiences as I went.

    Scroll down til you get to the section on goats.