Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Surprise! More Kid Pics.

Today I managed to drag my butt off my couch of self-pity and armed with a box of kleenex and my trusty camera I went outside to take some pics of the babies.

Robin and her kids have been in the barn since the birth but today they got to play in the new paddock Limey fenced in for them.


  1. Thanks for the picture,it sucks to be sick.They are so sweet,you are blessed.

  2. Hello! Thanks for commenting on my blog recently! In your comment, you asked when and where I was moving in NS. I am leaving Iowa on April 4 or 5, so I should be back within 4 days at the most after that. I am in the process of buying a property in the Wentworth Valley, but will likely be living with my parents for a few weeks in Halifax before that happens. They are so excited to have me back in NS after nearly 15 years living far away from them (9 in Iowa and 6 in Guelph, Ontario). I am excited to be back too. I am bringing Lucky Nickel, the spoiled goat, and she will need friends. Thus, I was more excited when I saw your comment "Does anyone want a little doeling?" in your blog about your goat kids! Are you really selling her when she is weaned? What a cutie-patootie! What mix of breeds is she? I shall be adding your blog to my reading list - it's great to find farm bloggers in NS!

  3. They are nubian/alpine mixes. We'll be selling them for $125 each. I'd love to keep them but we don't have the space for more goats at the moment.

    Our other goat is a saanen mix and we're excited to see her babies mixed with Barney who is also a nubian/alpine. Hopefully her babies will have some white on them.

    You can see our house from the 101 (we're on the hwy 1) so you'd be driving by anyway...