Monday, March 28, 2011

Well That Was Weird

Last night I dreamed that I looked in the goat house and found that Lily had a pure white baby goat with her.

This morning I noticed that Limey hadn't left for work yet but was nowhere to be seen.  I trudged out to the goat house and there he was oohing and aahing at Lily's newly born kid.

If that wasn't weird enough, when Robin gave birth last week Limey found one of the baby bunnies dead in it's cage. This morning before he checked on Lily, he found another.

Strange coincidence.


  1. Aww how sweet is that,yay Lily!!Sorry to hear about the bunny:( As for the dream,I have dreams about things that are on my mind,if that's the same thing or not,I don't know.Congratulations on the new birth.....why can't they have them the day time so you can be there to enjoy the miracle of birth!! LOL

  2. You know that a dead rabbit meant a woman was pregnant back in the "olden times"?...Seems you are creating anew wifes tail...A dead bunny means a new kid...

    Congrates on the new addition, sorry about the rabbit.

    Blessings Kelsie

  3. Funny, rabbits were (are?) used in pregnancy tests.