Friday, April 29, 2011

At Least Someone Likes It

It feels like it's been raining for weeks.  I'll be glad when summer is here and it's hot and sunny all the time.

The pond?  It's the sandbox (minus the sand).  While the rest of the animals hide in their houses and complain about cabin fever, the ducks are happily milling about in the rain.

Here's a closeup. 

The other day, this duck was filthy after rolling about in a pile of mud.  Now that she's had a bath she's nice and clean again.  Isn't she pretty?


  1. Such a pretty duck! Is it a Muscovey? I adore ducks and cannot wait to have some more!

  2. Yes, she is a Muscovy. We have a boy and 3 girls. Two of the girls are now sitting on a dozen and a half eggs each. The 3rd one laid 3 eggs in the top of the barn but is either laying somewhere else now or has realized what a daft place that was to nest and gave up!

  3. She's lovely! Makes me miss my ducks that I had to leave in Iowa! Sooner or later I'll get some again. Waiting on the closing of the new place now, which has been changed from April 12 to April 28 to May 7 to May 12. Argh! I just want to get in there and get my goat fencing up! Poor Lucky Nickel is staying at Hatfield Farm in the petting area until I'm in. Sigh.

  4. Where did you end up finding a place Claire?