Sunday, April 17, 2011


Limey picked up some chickens the other day including a couple of bantams.

She's super tiny, smaller then the baby Easter Eggers.

I noticed one was walking funny. After a long romp around the yard, Limey finally caught her and my suspicions were confirmed when I got a closer look at her feet.

Like my shoes?

Bumble has bumblefoot.  Whenever a chicken gets a general injury to the foot, from a cut or bruise it can then progress to bumblefoot.  The foot swells and looks lumpy and deformed.  As in Bumble's case, there can be noticeable limping.  In extreme cases, the "bumble" or scab will have to be removed to let the puss out.  For Bumble, we've made up a sugardyne solution of 1 part benodyne mixed with two parts white sugar and slopped it all over her foot.  In a couple of days we'll remove the gauze and see how it is.

Once she's feeling better we hope she'll sit on some quail eggs for us.   She can't do any worse of a job than we did!


  1. poor little Bumble...hope the suardyne works for you have her in a small cage so she will stay off of it too?


  2. Our rooster had bumblefoot last summer. No fun, but he was so good to let me treat it. I think he knew I was trying to help. :)