Monday, April 4, 2011

A New Baby

Another new life here on the farm.

A baby quail!  More should hatch later today.


  1. So sweet...What do you do with the quail?

    Blessings Kelsie

  2. Yay! Was wondering when this batch was due, Congrats!

  3. Sell the eggs (fertile or not) and the birds for meat.

  4. Oh so tiny but oh so mighty!Yay!!! Congrats!

  5. Thanks you guys for stopping by my blog! I absolutely love the photo of the farmhouse. I wish we had the money to purchase such a gorgeous house, but around here they cost a fortune if you want to purchase one with property.

    I love watching baby birds in the incubator. So fun.

    Keep in touch!

  6. Any more quail Limette?Please say yes:)

  7. 2.5

    One died after pipping. 2 are out of the shell and 1 has it's shell open but won't come out. Something seems wrong. The humidity is 70-75 yet the membranes on the shells are really dry and the quail seem to having issues zipping themselves out.

  8. 6 are out here,two appear to be stuck,one did zipper but that's it and the other one just got a few pieces of the shell off.......I think that dries them out.....and my incubator is forced air.My humidity is the same as I have 40 eggs doing nothing that I can see.Something isn't right,is it.....but for the life of me I can't figure it out.There should be pips all over the place!LOL
    I only candled a couple eggs this time,so there may be some duds but not that many. I'm not doing any more for awhile,this is too hard on my head!.Bator Brain,that's me! LOL
    I hope you get some more quail over the next couple days.Hang in there:)