Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Morning Update

I know, I've been slacking.  It's been what, two days since my last post?  We've been visiting and having visitors, crying over our dead baby quail and buying new rabbits.

Here's a list.

  • Our quail hatch was a big fail.  Going to calibrate the hygrometer today and see what's up.
  • We bought 4 new rabbits, 3 are pregnant and one has a dozen babies.  
  • I made an awesome beer braised rabbit.  It was fabulous!
  • A spot has been leveled for the hoop house that Limey will be building this weekend.
  • I was hoping to start planting the cold crops this coming week but our soil is too wet to till.  Boo, hiss!
  • These pigs are so damn messy.  Limey bathed them all because they were crusted over with milk and now they're all filthy again.  I'll love them when they are weaned and outside.  
  • Ds is crawling which means he gets into everything.  
  • I dug out the future sandbox.  Just need some sand.
  • I got a liter of milk out of Robin this morning!  I can't wait until the doelings are weaned.  We'll be swimming in milk then.
  • Limey sucks at milking.  He got a tablespoon out of Robin the other day when I slept in.
  • I've been slinking around the net getting ideas for the 11/12 homeschooling season.  Thinking about Before Five in a Row for Dd2.  She feels left out when dd1 does her school stuff.
  • Bunny Day is coming up soon which means I have to cure the ham in my freezer.
That's it, that's all.  What's been going on in your house this week? Shoveling snow?  Planting a garden? Watching all the season finales?


    1. Planting lots of brassicas, with radishes and quick maturing lettuces inbetween. Yahoo! The weather is finally nice enough to go outside.

    2. So jealous. I want to garden already! Hopefully next year will be better once all the beds are established.