Saturday, April 30, 2011

Soon, Soon

Since it's still soaking wet outside, we haven't been able to plant the main garden.  The hoop house however, has nice dry soil and a warm environment, ripe for planting.  So we did.

Limey made the beds five feet wide despite my warnings.  It's way too wide but he said he will deal with it.  We planted various lettuces, mizuna and kale.  I picked up a couple of artichokes on a whim and stuck them at the back.  I feel like I'm really late in planting this year.  Back in Tbay I had stuff in the ground as soon as the snow was gone.  I also had permanent raised beds.  Because everything is new here we have to wait for the soil to drain before planting.  Next year when all the beds are already in place and with the hoophouse already up, we should be able to get started much earlier.

Already we have little seedlings. Once things get going, I'm hoping to set up a weekly fresh produce box for our customers. I guess it's like a CSA without the large cash payment up front and long term commitment. If you want it this week, we'll deliver it, if not, we'll talk to you again next week.

What do you have planted?


  1. Just stumbled across your blog for the first time. I'm really enjoying looking around! Your pictures are beautiful, I especially love your gorgeous header image. Kepe up the great work!

  2. Thanks for the glowing review!

  3. OOH I love your hoop house! The interior support system looks like what we will need when we finally get to build ours after the move. We contend with crazy wind out here in the West. I too love your blog, the pictures are marvelous! I especially the fact that you have made your move to your dream home and I look forward to following your journey!

  4. Um, Limey has long arms??? ;) Your seedlings are really cute. I know how it is moving to a new place though. It seems to take a few years to get things worked out with climate, weather, soil, etc.

  5. Thanks Margaret!

    Leigh; I just rolled my eyes when he said it. I think he's going to hang Mission Impossible style from the ceiling.

  6. I am like Mr. Tickle... my arms stretch out at least 20 feet!

  7. looks great!!
    I have nothing in the ground yet,just the greenhouse,but my gardens will be tilled this week,yippee!!
    I feel late this year as well,the potato fields surrounding me are all planted.

  8. Hmmm... this year I'm taking it easy in the gardening dept. I'm only planting, carrots, pumpkins, onion, tomatoes, beets, peas, sunflowers (lots of those)and cukes. I think that's it. Oh and yellow beans. Last year I planted too much and didn't have the time to tend it.

    Live and learn.